ATELIER TORINO Vintage Wedding

Wedding suit VINTAGE STYLE: The VINTAGE collection from ATELIER TORINO offers semi-festive qualities and covers the themes VINTAGE and ROMANTIC WEDDING.


ATELIER TORINO offers the theme VINTAGE in boho-style. New stretch qualities with natural surfaces, new with finer weave patterns set accents. The surfaces are no longer too sporty or coarse but still show the topic LINEN in all its facets. Moving surfaces coordinated with checks, and new also as checked suit, set deliberate contrasts. The qualities are simultaneously festive and semi-festive. Here, too, the trend colours are green and blue nuances, and what's very important, different natural shades and silver are indispensable. The topic ACCESSORIES with pattern mix is also on offer. The theme casual outfit in retro look with a smart casual appearance is indispensable. Here's to a wonderful SURER WEDDING.