atelier torino BUSINESS MIX & MATCH

Business suits for your perfect appearance in the office, business appointments or interviews. Highlight: atelier torino offers you a comprehensive MIX&MATCH suit range which means you can combine jackets and trousers in different sizes - to your individual needs and directly off the peg without lengthy productions. Discover the atelier torino Business Mix & Match. 


Mix&match suits are old-fashioned and not modern? In the season spring/summer 2019 atelier combines elegant influences of classic mix&match outfits with casual accessories and altogether they become a casual version of the classic business look.

New Mix & Match: Modern Fit mix&match in an All Season Lifter quality, very crease-resistant, finest jersey look, very good wear qualities. Colours: caviar and deep indigo.

With many options to wear for business but also new with a casual styling. Natural look with neapolitan shoulders and inside ticket pocket. atelier torino unites an Italian attitude towards life with modern mix&match suits for the perfect business look - stylishly completed by an elegant waistcoat with lapel and a timeless styling. Our mix&match range of suits is reliable, competent and quick - your perfect mix&match suit is available at short notice.

Special highlights are two new business mix&match suits in the collection spring/summer 2019: a plain melange one which is checked and plain at the same time and additionally a modern dandy stripe in Naples blue with a half canvas tailoring. Both articles are made of pure wool from Italian provenance. ATELIER TORINO, the specialist for suits and jackets sets new accents.

atelier torino Mix&Match Suit Service


Our mix&match system provides you with a choice of suits where you can get your customised jacket and trousers. The mix&match suit collection offers an unrivaled variety of different styles, fine materials and a unique range of sizes. Various styles in various fits in up to 50 different qualities from Italian provenance. Mix&match suits are the answer to human individuality and the wish to buy a well-fitting suit - even if you need different sizes for your jacket and trousers. Mix&match suits from atelier torino captivate with their clear appearance, wide choice and the advantage that they can be worn on many kinds of occasions. atelier torino mix&match suit outfits are available at short notice in many cloths and sizes up to 68 – 34 – 118 – 32,5. When you want to buy another pair of trousers it will have the same shade as the original trousers of your mix&match suit - it's guaranteed.

Mix&Match Suit ABC

Everything at a Glance about our Mix&Match Suits


[A] Accessories: Shawl, wristband or watch – accessories are indispensable for a mix&match suit.

[B] Belt: A belt is one of the accessories that make an outfit complete. A lot of colours, materials and buckles are available on the market. It is important to pay attention to the length and width of the belt.

[C] Cufflinks: Perfect accessories for your mix&match suit from atelier torino. Cufflinks look best with business or summer suits.

[D] Double black: This is a new trend colour in our mix&match suit collection.

[E] Easy: It is so easy to order the right size for your jacket, trousers and waistcoat. With our mix&match suit range you are spoilt for choice.

[F] Fit: Each fit of our mix&match suits can be ordered in different sizes and styles.

[G] Guarantee of colour When you buy another pair of trousers of our mix&match suit range we guarantee you that you get the original colour shade again.

[H] Hanky: A perfect mix&match suit is only complete with an elegant handkerchief.

[I] Indigo Metallic: A new colour of our business suits is indigo black.

[J] Just a tie? A nice tie – no matter if plain, striped or polka dotted is an excellent complement to any mix&match jacket.

[K] Kudos to our mix&match suit range which offers the unrivalled advantage to get jackets and trousers in different sizes. You decide which garment is needed in which size.

[L] Luxury: High-quality Italian fabrics are the basis of our mix&match suit collection.

[M] Mix&match: Our mix&match suits are caracterised by their choice of sizes. Jackets and trousers can be ordered in different sizes.


[N] Naples Blue: Our mix&match suits are available – among other colours – in this new Italian shade.

[O] Options: There are plenty of options – jackets, trousers or waistcoats can be ordered in different sizes. This is the big plus of our mix&match suit collection.

[P] Pocket: inside ticket pocket - the latest luxury feature.

[Q] Quality counts: The times of slipping shirts are gone thanks to a special shirt stopper in the waistband. This makes your business mix&match suit look impeccable.

[R] Rucksack: Meanwhile cool rucksacks, bags or briefcases have become special accessories for men. They also perfectly match with our mix&match business look.

[S] Summer look:  A mix&match suit made of a lightweight, thin fabric is perfect for the summer look in the office.

[T] Two-piece suit: Combine the style, colour and sizes of jacket and trousers according to your need. Apart from made-to-measure this is only possible with our mix&match range.

[U] Unmistakable – A T-shirt makes the look of your mix&match jacket unmistakable during leisure or a visit to your club.

[V] Very special – You are very special and so should your wardrobe be, too.

[W] Wool: New in our mix&match range is a wool/stretch travel cloth in a discreet blend, in blue and grey with very good wear qualities.

[X] Extra small, extra large – Our suits are not only available in “normal” sizes but also in outsizes and what’s best, you can order the jackets and trousers of our mix&range in different sizes. No need to wait for a long time for the production of your suit.

[Y] Young fashion: Gala is the latest, young, semi-festive collection of our atelier torino brand.

[Z] What does you zodiac sign say about your style? We can’t tell, though others think they can. We think, it's not astro signs that count but only you and your favourite way to dress and style. So just have fun!

What's a Mix&Match Suit? 

A mix&match suit is atelier torino's reply to human individuality.  In the mix&match range the sizes of jackets and trousers of suits or business suits can be freely combined. So, if you take a size 50 for a jacket and a size 52 for trousers you may combine these sizes and make a suit of them. atelier torino mix&match suits bring together perfect fits, exclusive fabrics, various styles, high wear comfort and a wide choice of sizes. Upon ordering a mix&match suit from atelier torino you choose for your jacket and trousers the sizes which fit you best, you don't have to buy the jacket and trousers in the same size. Although, you may do so, of course. This system guaranteees flexibility and freedom when you choose your suit. If the sizes of your jacket and trousers are not identical our mix&match system (our mix&match collection) from atelier torino is perfect  because here you can buy different sizes off the peg without having to wait for them for a long time to be produced. "There is no second chance for a good first impression".  The suit must fit perfectly. A well-fitting suit can well be bought off the peg - namely as a mix&match suit, which allows for human individuality and compensates small differences in the sizes of jackets and trousers. Come visit your atelier torino specialist retailer soon and try on a suit of our MIX&MATCH system (mix&match suit collection).


atelier torino MIX&MATCH Suit Range with Colour Variety

Mix&match suits are available in the colours black, brown, blue and grey. Mix&match suits are the answer to human individuality and the need to buy a well-fitting suit - even if you take different sizes for the jacket and trousers. Mix&match suits from atelier torino captivate with their clear appearance, vast choice and because they can be worn on many occasions. The latest mix&match suit collection 2018 is available from specialist and retail shops: mix&match suits from atelier torino, new and casually styled with modern accessories like sneakers and a shirt. That's the latest trend because with cool and casual accessories you turn any mix&match suit into the new street style.