ATELIER TORINO presents itself as MODERN MAN brand in a new and vibrant way in the urban environment . ATELIER TORINO combines latest product innovations with a high degree of differentiation possibilities and simultaneously with a stable fit, good price performance and the look and feel of a modern lifestyle brand.

ATELIER TORINO's passion are business MIX & MATCH suits, semi-festive GALA looks for civil weddings as well as for best men and casual jackets for the leisure time. 

Business MIX&MATCH

Mix&Match Suits for the Office, Business Meetings & More

Mix&Match suits are old-fashioned and not modern? atelier torino unites elegant influences with classic mix&match outfits and casual accessories resulting in a modern business look. There are two new business mix&match articles: a plain melange one which is checked and plain at the same time and additionally a modern dandy stripe in Naples blue with a half canvas tailoring.


Suits for Figure-Conscious Men


Special highlight with regard to young suits is the topic NEW ATHLETIC. New Athletic styles are comfortable to wear, have neapolitan soft  shoulders together with the typical athletic formula: There's a difference of one size between chest and waist. Thus, Athletic becomes a modern lifestyle product.



NEW atelier torino SUITS

Young, Modern Suit Topics Are Trendy

New, modern, young suit topics revive the image. Slim silhouettes together with pleated trousers, broad lapels, broader flaps, in retro style reflect the spirit of time. Not least, the revival of the stripes is evidence of the return of retro influences. Undercooled, formal outfits become less important.

CASUAL Jacket for Leisure

Modern Casual Jackets for Leisure

Woollen blends, wool/linen, wool/cotton and cotton/nylon are indispensable, summerly blends. Jeans and knit types, moving surfaces underline the casual character of the products without appearing careless. Fine weaving patterns, elegant surfaces with an elegant finish set accents. Basically, patterns get more important.


Half Canvas

Half Canvas Styles Are the Collection's Highlights


Unique highlights of the collection are half canvas styles with a semi-sartorial tailoring and which clearly underline the price/performance.

Non-"glued" front parts and a special armhole tailoring create a unique wear comfort and an uncomparable grip with an unrivalled softness. Here, too, focus is set on comfort and the value of ATELIER TORINO products. The jacket adapts to its wearer.

What, however, is Half Canvas precisely? This semi-traditional processing step provides a unique wearing comfort. The jackets are especially soft and comfortable and simultaneousy have a stable fit. With this new product quality, where the parts are not glued but partly loosely connected, we clearly differ from the pre-manufactured inside tailoring.



Suits for WEDDING, PARTY, BUSINESS and Best Men

ATELIER TORINO GALA, the semi-festive collection for business and occasions as well,  presents new accents for spring/summer 2019. With the GALA collection for WEDDING, BUSINESS & PARTY atelier torino presents a semi-festive caspsule which is perfect for the civil wedding, as fashion for best men and, of course, varying with the styling also for business. Mix&match outfits with an additional festive value.

There are the two fits Modern Fit and Drop8. Modern fit boasts neapolitan shoulders with a flowing shape, so to speak. All GALA garments have a precious inside ticket pocket. Two model highlights set accents: The Modern Fit range offers a style with a detachable festive lapel. The Drop8 body is complemented by a soft suit with casual shoulders and new skinny trousers. This is particularly attractive in a fashionable, matt-finished, new stretch cloth. Precious paisley linings together with shimmering buttons underline the value of of the ATELIER TORINNO GALA products.


Vintage Wedding

Looks for the Groom and His Vintage Wedding


The semi-festive capsule collection GALA Vintage offers up-to-date retro trend suits - the perfect match with boho style wedding dresses! Perfect look and feel of the 20s and 30s with accessories - the perfect choice for every vintage wedding.

Retro influences are visible in the patterns, they set accents and are quotes of the 20s and 30s. Four articles, especially suitable for vintage weddings, made from wool/linen, linen, also blended with cotton and elasthane, are perfect for every kind of vintage wedding. Two interesting checked pattern round off the range. Of course, the flap cap of the 20s is an indispensable and innoative accessory. The vintage range is complemented by the elegant, semi-festive range, with pure wool qualities but also blends with interesting jacquard looks, plain and patterned at the same time. Perfect: business and occasion with the same outfit. The natural shades of the vintage topic are completed by elegant blue and grey nuances.